Solitons at Work

Coffee club

Coffee club is a more relaxed place to meet and discuss research. It will sometimes be a reading group, sometimes a discussion about a recent paper.

These will take place on Friday mornings, at 10am BST.

Upcoming Coffee Clubs

6th August 2021, 10am BST

Previous Coffee Clubs

30th July 2021, 10am BST

23rd July 2021, 10am BST

16th July 2021, 10am BST

9th July 2021, 10am BST

25th June 2021, 10am BST

18th June 2021, 10am BST

11th June 2021, 10am BST

4th June 2021, 10am BST

28th May 2021, 10am BST

21st May 2021, 10am BST

14th May 2021, 10am BST

7th May 2021, 10am BST

30th April 2021, 10am BST

23rd April 2021, 10am BST

16th April 2021, 10am BST

2nd April 2021, 10am BST

26th March 2021, 10am GMT

19th March 2021, 10am GMT

12th March 2021, 10am GMT

5th March 2021, 10am GMT

26th February 2021, 10am GMT

19th February 2021, 10am GMT

12th February 2021, 10am GMT

Topic: Malomed's talk

5th February 2021, 10am GMT

18th December 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Christmas Party

Initial presenter: Father Christmas

4th December 2020, 10am BST.

Nick Manton - Large Skyrmions - Slides

27th November 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Hitchin's equations

Initial presenter: Calum Ross

20th November 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Asymptotic interactions of solitons

Initial presenter: Derek Harland

6th November 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Thermodynamic properties of solitons

Initial presenters: Andrzej Wereszczynski

30th October 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Magnetic Skyrmions

Initial presenters: Bruno Barton-Singer and Calum Ross

23th October 2020, 10am BST - Quantization of Skyrmions

Initial presenter: Christoph Adam

16th October 2020, 10am BST - Spectral walls

Initial presenter: Chris Halcrow