Solitons at Work

Coffee club

Coffee club is a more relaxed place to meet and discuss research. It will sometimes be a reading group, sometimes a discussion about a recent paper.

These will take place on Friday mornings, at 10am BST.

Upcoming Coffee Clubs

14th June 2024, 10am BST

Previous Coffee Clubs

8th December 2023 - 10am GMT

Thanks to Chris

In this coffee meeting, we will express our gratitude to the founder of the S@W network, Chris Halcrow, and wish him the best of luck with the new job!

18th November 2022, 10am GMT

Chris Halcrow - Stable kink-kink and metastable kink-antikink solutions

(arXiv: 2211.02413)

28th October 2022, 10am BST

Alberto Garcia Martin-Caro - Constrained instanton approximation of Skyrmions with massive pions

(arXiv: 2209.06607)

12th February 2021, 10am GMT

Topic: Malomed's talk

18th December 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Christmas Party

Initial presenter: Father Christmas

4th December 2020, 10am BST.

Nick Manton - Large Skyrmions - Slides

27th November 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Hitchin's equations

Initial presenter: Calum Ross

20th November 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Asymptotic interactions of solitons

Initial presenter: Derek Harland

6th November 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Thermodynamic properties of solitons

Initial presenters: Andrzej Wereszczynski

30th October 2020, 10am GMT(UTC) - Magnetic Skyrmions

Initial presenters: Bruno Barton-Singer and Calum Ross

23th October 2020, 10am BST - Quantization of Skyrmions

Initial presenter: Christoph Adam

16th October 2020, 10am BST - Spectral walls

Initial presenter: Chris Halcrow