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Welcome to Solitons at Work, an open and informal network of mathematics and physics researchers who work on solitons. Please have a look around the website.

Upcoming Seminars

8th February 2023 - 10am GMT

Peter Gerlagh - Bogomolny solutions in non-axisymmetric chiral magnets

22nd February 2023, (provisionally) 10am GMT

Ivan Smalyukh - TBA

Upcoming Coffee Clubs

10th February 2023, 10am GMT


Vortex Moduli at ICTS Bangalore going hybrid

The two-week program "Vortex Moduli" at ICTS Bangalore will be running in hybrid mode, with the possibility of attending the lectures online (via Zoom) upon registration.
To register, click on "Application" on the program webpage, then open an account on the ICTS system (if you haven't got one already) and submit the application webform -- indicating that you would like to participate online, if this is the case. The deadline for registration (now allowing for online participation) has been extended to February 10th.
More information (schedule, titles, abstracts) will be posted on our pages very soon.

Special Journal issue: Topological Solitons as Particles

There will be a special issue of the journal SIGMA in honour of S@W regular Nicholas Manton's 70th birthday and the centenary of the birth of Tony Skyrme. The topic is ``Topological Solitons as Particles", and everyone is encouraged to submit articles on this theme. The deadline is February 2023 but you can submit anytime.

More details can be found here.

SIGMA is non-profit, volunteer-run, open access journal: a journal with the same ethos as Solitons at Work!