Solitons at Work

Welcome to Solitons at Work, an open and informal network of mathematics and physics researchers who work on solitons. Please have a look around the website.

Upcoming Seminars

19th May 2021, 10am BST.

Daniel Jimenez - Exciting the kink

In many field theories, solitonic solutions admit localized excitations with unnaturally long lifetimes in their spectrum of perturbations. These bound states may play a significant role in the dynamics of solitons, and in particular, they could shed light on some aspects concerning the evolution of cosmic string networks. As a starting point, we investigate the properties of this type of excitations in the simple case of the (lambda phi^4) theory in 1+1 dimensions. This talk will be devoted to a detailed characterization of the shape mode perturbation of the kink solution. We study its decay rate and its level of excitation in Minkowski spacetime as well as in two cosmological settings: the formation of kinks in a phase transition and the interaction of the kink with a thermal bath.

26th May 2021, 10am BST.

Calum Ross - Magnetic Impurities, Integrable Vortices and the Toda Equation

The five known integrable Abelian vortex equations are generalised to include magnetic impurities. Exploring this leads to a Tong-Wong type product group gauge theory of coupled vortices. For a suitable choice of charge matrix these coupled vortex equations reduce to either the integrable Toda equation or an opposite sign version. I will sketch this construction and highlight the integrable cases.

Upcoming Coffee Clubs

14th May 2021, 10am BST


SIG IX announced.

The ninth SIG conference has been announced. Its website is The conference will focus on "problems and open questions related to dynamical aspects of topological solitons, their interactions and quantization." and will (hopefully) take place in June 2021.