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Welcome to Solitons at Work, an open and informal network of mathematics and physics researchers who work on solitons. Please have a look around the website.

Upcoming Seminars

14th December 2022, 10am GMT

Maxim Chernodub - Rotation with imaginary angular frequency in Yang-Mills theories: calorons, phase structure, and fractals

We find an instanton (caloron) solution in the finite-temperature SU(2) gluon gas subjected to (imaginary, in Euclidean spacetime) rotation. We demonstrate that the imaginary rotation leads to the delocalization of its topological charge over fractionally charged constituents. Furthermore, we show that in the high-temperature limit, the rapidly-rotating caloron becomes a ``circulon'': a self-dual monopole (dyon) possessing a spatial toroidal core. We also present the results of first-principle numerical simulations of Euclidean SU(3) Yang-Mills plasma rotating with a high imaginary angular frequency and discuss fractal thermodynamics associated with imaginary rotation.

1st February 2023 - 10am GMT

Harry Braden - TBA

Upcoming Coffee Clubs

9th December 2022, 10am GMT


Vortex Moduli - ICTS Bangalore

There is an interesting research program happening soon. "Vortex Moduli" at ICTS Bangalore is taking place from 6th-17th February 2023. Registration closes on 15th January 2023, but the organisers advise everyone to apply much earlier because of current delays with visa processing. For more details, check out this link.You might recognise Nuno Romão and Martin Speight from previous talks at Solitons at Work. Both are giving mini-courses at the event.

Special Journal issue: Topological Solitons as Particles

There will be a special issue of the journal SIGMA in honour of S@W regular Nicholas Manton's 70th birthday and the centenary of the birth of Tony Skyrme. The topic is ``Topological Solitons as Particles", and everyone is encouraged to submit articles on this theme. The deadline is February 2023 but you can submit anytime.

More details can be found here.

SIGMA is non-profit, volunteer-run, open access journal: a journal with the same ethos as Solitons at Work!