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Upcoming Seminars

28th September 2022 - 10am BST

Tigran Tchrakian - Chern-Simons (CS), Higgs--Chern-Simons (HCS) and Skyrme--Chern-Simons (SCS)

After some standard definitions, certain examples of solitons in systems featuring Chern-Simons (CS) dynamics are quoted. Specifically, the unusual dependence of the mass on electric-charge and angular momentum are quoted in Abelian gauged 2+1 and 4+1 dimensional models including CS terms. (In the 2+1 dimensional case, also the "baryon number" can change.) Motivated by these results, it is proposed to find CS-like densities for systems in both odd and even dimensions, and all (allowed) gauge groups. The first of these are the Higgs-CS (HCS) densities which result from the dimensional descent of Chern-Pontryagin densities, and the second are the Skyrme-CS (SCS) densities that are extracted from the gauge deformed baryon number densities that are themselves defined in all dimensions and for all (allowed) gauge groups. It turns out that the SCS densities are useful for application in soliton construction, while the HCS find application in Chern-Simons gravities.

12th October 2022 - 10am BST

Azadeh Mohammadi - Fermion mediated resonance in fermion-kink systems

Upcoming Coffee Clubs

30th September 2022, 10am BST


Lecturer in Physics, University of Kent

There is an opening for a lecturer position at the University of Kent, UK, in the Physics of Quantum Materials Group. For more details, see S@W Jobs.

Special Journal issue: Topological Solitons as Particles

There will be a special issue of the journal SIGMA in honour of S@W regular Nicholas Manton's 70th birthday and the centenary of the birth of Tony Skyrme. The topic is ``Topological Solitons as Particles", and everyone is encouraged to submit articles on this theme. The deadline is February 2023 but you can submit anytime.

More details can be found here.

SIGMA is non-profit, volunteer-run, open access journal: a journal with the same ethos as Solitons at Work!