Solitons at Work

Welcome to Solitons at Work, an open and informal network of mathematics and physics researchers who work on solitons. Please have a look around the website.

Upcoming Seminars

28th October 2020, 10am BST.

Tomasz Romanczukiewicz - Kinky collisions - are we there yet?

I would like to give an overview of what was done in the past with an emphasis on the most recent discoveries. There are a few new angles that can give us some new insight into these perversely complicated collisions of the simplest topological defects.

Upcoming Coffee Clubs

23th October 2020, 10am BST - Quantization of Skyrmions

Initial presenter: Christoph Adam


Solitons at Work is launched

Solitons at Work aims to be a network for people working on solitons. We hope to strengthen the soliton community by organising events, holding training for PhD students and creating a central hub where people can advertise their events, jobs, papers and anything else!

Please take a look around the website. There are already ways you can contribute: send in a picture for the gallery, write a news item, or ask for an external link to be added to our list. This project is in its infacy, and this website will hopefully grow as time goes on. We also want more people to help steer and organise the project. More details to follow!

SIG IX announced.

The ninth SIG conference has been announced. Its website is The conference will focus on "problems and open questions related to dynamical aspects of topological solitons, their interactions and quantization." and will (hopefully) take place in June 2021.